3 Ways to Design a Fun and Festive Website

Jan 6
Design a Fun and Festive Website

There are so many holidays, seasons, and promotions that you can build exciting site content from and, hopefully, boost sales. By taking advantage of each event on your website, it is possible to encourage sales, as customers get into the shopping mindset and visit your website more frequently to see what new holiday content is available to them. In this short article, we cover three different ways to design a fun and festive website that’s readily available to celebrate the holidays and promotions that your customers will love.

Have a Dedicated Place for Swapping In Holiday Content

You don’t need to completely design a new website or upload a different theme to feature fun holiday content on your site. Consider having a dedicated place for swapping in holiday content on a regular basis as holidays and promotions change. This banner, sidebar or page can easily be customized without having to redesign your whole site.

If you decide to have a dedicated section of your site for holiday content, you need to keep it updated. If you only use it for major holidays, such as Christmas, New Years, and Memorial Day, you would need a way to hide it when you don’t need it. Fortunately, there are so many different holidays that you can celebrate and feature that are outside of the 10 major holidays banks celebrate in the U.S. In fact, there are minor or fun holidays that you can celebrate every day of the year. These include administrative professional days, nursing day, and breast cancer awareness month. You can choose to feature the ones more relevant to your business and audience.

Aside from holiday greetings, you can choose to make up your own promotions to feature in this holiday section. Some ideas you might recognize are friends and family events, employee pricing days, and celebrating your company’s birthday. There are no rules on what your company can choose to celebrate and offer greetings or discounts for.

Add Fun Animations

Fun animations and popups are an easy way to be festive on your website. Animations don’t have to big too big or flashy. You can select animations that go with your website’s theme or brand without detracting from it or making it look cheap or spammy.

While animations won’t work on every website because of your company’s style preference or the overall look of the site, there are many different animations that can work on many different themes. For instance, you can add confetti coming down the home page for a few seconds to celebrate New Year’s Day or winning an industry award. There are ways to integrate these more interactive elements in a seamless and flattering way.

Update the Color Scheme

If you do nothing else, you can subtly update the color scheme on your website for big holidays that you want to carefully reflect. For example, you can use pastel colors in the spring or fall colors in the autumn. Red, white, and blue is festive for Independence Day while red and green are synonymous with Christmas. This can be a very unobtrusive way of giving a nod to the current holidays.

Every business could benefit by featuring holidays and other time-sensitive content on their site, as long as they keep the content updated. You wouldn’t want to have Christmas colored font unintentionally left up on your website for the entire year because no one remembered to change it after Christmas was over. The font or the promotions that you feature on your site can date it, if you don’t change it after it is relevant. Conversely, having timely content can also show that your website is updated regularly. If customers stop by to visit your website and it has information for a current holiday, they can have confidence that the site has been recently updated.

Another thing to think about is simply deciding what holidays to celebrate. If you celebrate it one year, customers may expect you to celebrate it every year. They may remember to look for next year’s promotions. Also, all holidays will not be a good fit for every business. It is a smart idea to be selective about the holidays and special days that you advertise on your site, as you want it to match what customers want and would expect to see from a business like yours.

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