5 Custom Software Development Trends Every Business Should Know

Jun 2

Custom software development can enable your company to have programs that work for your exact needs instead of trying to force your operations into the functionality of an existing software program. Custom software doesn’t have to be too costly or out of reach for most companies. If you are interested in learning more about custom software development, here are five custom software development trends every business should know before starting on a custom software project.

Open Source Technology

Open source technology has become so popular that many of the largest corporations in the United States rely on open source technology for key internal systems. Many years ago, this may have been unheard of. However, it has largely become the norm in today’s business environment. Some common open source development technologies currently available include PHP, Java, and Hadoop. There are many practical advantages of using open source technology, such as the ease of finding onsite IT personnel that are comfortable using these languages and systems.

Move Toward the Cloud

Nearly all businesses already use some form of cloud technology in everyday operations. The cloud is convenient, agile, and scaleable. If you aren’t sure whether to develop a cloud-based software program over a more traditional version, deeply evaluate the pros of creating a cloud option. It is a trend that will not go away in the future, as even more software programs move to the cloud.

AI Technology

The ability to use AI technology is important to use chatbots, self-learning algorithms, and more. The more that software can learn about users and operate independently without negatively impacting user experience. When AI software can interact with customers independently, it reduces the stress on your human staff. Even if your company isn’t currently ready to roll out AI functionality today, having custom software that is AI-ready will help when you decide to use it down the line. You won’t have to have a new software program developed from scratch.

Safety and Security

Cybersecurity is at the forefront of the IT industry and impacts thousands of businesses each year. A significant cybersecurity breach can cost a company millions (if not billions) of dollars and could cause some smaller operations to close permanently as a result. Protecting confidential customer data and internal proprietary information is very important. When designing custom software, it is critical that cybersecurity is at the center of the development process.

When you select a pre-existing software program, you have to accept a certain level of risk associated with the use of the program. If the vendor doesn’t create a secure program, your company’s information could be at risk. When you invest in custom software development, you are responsible for ensuring that the finished program is secure. Be sure to discuss the security of the program throughout the custom software development process. 

Best User Experience

To compete in a saturated market, only the best, most intuitive, and easy to use software programs thrive. To accomplish this, custom software development must ensure that users have the best experience possible. Essentially, developers must prioritize the user experience. If a feature could be made easier to use or understand, it should be completed. This could include extensive user testing and modification to make sure that the final version of the custom software program a company deploys offers the best user experience possible. 

Custom software development services are used by companies of all sizes. If you are in the market for software development companies in the USA, consider contacting KitelyTech today on (800) 274 2908. KitelyTech has years of tech experience, including custom software development services.

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