5 of the Top SEO Techniques for Technology Companies

Sep 2

Tech companies occupy an interesting space with SEO. Implementing strong SEO techniques and having a high performing website can be key to the success of tech companies online. Yet, being a tech company does not inherently mean that your team consists of SEO experts. There are so many other facets of technology that your company might have expertise. If this is the case, here are some effective SEO techniques that work for technology companies.

Deeply Understand the Target Market

Before trying any SEO technique, start by researching your target market to really understand it. What do your target leads search for online? What websites do they frequent? Where do they live? Why do they choose your competitors over your company? By understanding the motivations and decision-making processes of your target market, you will better understand how to create content that they want to read or find online.

Make Sure Your Own Site’s Tech is Top Notch

If you want to present your company as a top tech company, it is critical that all of your technology assets are in excellent shape. This reflects your brand and includes your website, mobile app, and any other related sites. This means ensuring that all sites operate at top speeds, load appropriately, and are mobile device friendly. Taking these extra steps will ensure the best user experience.

Utilize Relevant Keywords

Often, companies unknowingly use the wrong keywords that fail to align with the search terms customers actually use. This can cause a frustrating experience where your team invests a lot of time and energy into creating SEO content that doesn’t get the results you want. The best way to avoid this is to research and utilize the most relevant keywords (with an understanding that keywords and user search intent can change over time). There are some tools that you can utilize, such as Google Keyword Planner and SEMRush, that can identify keyword trends and ideas that you can use.

Maintain Social Media Accounts

Social media and SEO go hand in hand. When you create SEO blogs, you can post links to the blog posts on your social media channels to drive traffic to the blogs. The social media accounts serve almost as additional directory backlinks, giving your company more visibility. Both of these tools can help to support your company’s digital presence.

Post Content Consistently

Above all else, technology companies can benefit from SEO that takes place consistently. Post about your new work projects, as long as it doesn’t conflict with a non-disclosure agreement. Give insight into technology trends in the news. Publish case studies about the success your team has with other clients. This can all create a stream of SEO content that benefits your brand.

Sometimes, the most difficult part of starting an SEO process for a tech company can be just getting started. KitelyTech is a technology company that offers website development, mobile app development, and SEO. Within client projects and for our own assets, these techniques continue to work time and again.

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