5 Services You Benefit From when Partnering with a Software Development Company

Aug 2

No two software development companies are the same. This is true in terms of staffing and capabilities, as well as the actual services they offer. Here is an overview of the kinds of services that a software development company could provide.

Sell Out of the Box Software

Many software development companies do not create software individually for clients but instead create an out of the box software program that customers can buy. Many of the software programs that you rely on regularly are sold this way. This includes Microsoft Word, Excel, Dropbox, Zoom, and Skype. The program can be available as a download or through the cloud.

Create Custom Solutions

Other software development companies work with individual clients to create custom solutions that address specific needs and challenges. Maybe your company needs an ERP or an order management system that has specific functionality that doesn’t currently exist in an out of the box solution. Then you would work with a software development company to have the software created exclusively for your company.

Build Corporate IT Systems

Many corporate IT systems were created by software development companies as opposed to in-house IT staff, as IT staff usually have other priorities. Software development companies may have more development resources and expertise available that make them a good fit. Company intranet systems and proprietary systems all fall into this category.

Consult with Clients

Sometimes software development companies provide consulting services, especially if your company has its own IT team. This can help to address specific issues or to provide long-term strategic directions about the company’s software programs. In some cases, consulting services might be provided to other software development companies that have a different skill set than the consulting company.

Fix or Update Existing Software Programs

Over time, existing software programs will fall out of date or your team will need additional functionality that wasn’t necessary when the program was created. A software development company can fix or update existing software to make the program as current as it needs to be. This often happens after several years without updates or when a company undergoes an acquisition that includes its technology assets. Either way, a software development company can help.

Legacy software updates present unique issues for your software development company. Not all software developers will work with legacy systems so it is important to verify that this is a service offered by your preferred provider. Often, legacy systems feature older programming languages that may require a specific skill set. There might be occasions where it could be less expensive and time consuming to create a newer program from scratch.

Software development companies can vary widely in what services are provided. KitelyTech is a software development company that also specializes in SEO, mobile app development, and AI. It can be a good idea to verify what services a development company offers before making a decision on which one is the best fit for your needs.

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