6 Blogging Strategies to Promote Your Business

May 7
Blogging Strategies

Any business can benefit from a blog, but it takes the right strategy to get results. 

A great way to create an online presence for your business is through blogging. Unfortunately, many businesses end up abandoning their blogs altogether when they don’t receive the web traffic they expected. In order to make a successful blog, you need the right approach. A blog can’t generate incredible results on its own. As a business owner, it’s up to you to ensure your blog consistently engages your target audience.

If you need help developing a blogging strategy for your company’s website, you’ve found the right article. Here are the best 6 blogging strategies to promote your business online. 

Blogging Strategies to Promote Your Business

Identify Your Purpose

Whether your goal is to increase product sales or simply land new clients, it’s important to identify the overarching purpose of your blog so that your content can always align. Maintaining consistent purpose over time will both facilitate brand awareness and boost online traffic.

So let’s say you decide your main blogging purpose is to optimize product sales. In this case, you should focus your blog articles around product marketing and sales. Meanwhile, if your purpose is to attract new customers, you might write blog posts about personal experiences with your products instead, or positive customer testimonials. 

Know Your Target Audience

You need to really know your audience in order to write an effective blog for your business. And remember—your blog’s target audience may or may not be the same audience that buys your products, or even visits your company’s main webpage. 

A combination of factors determines who reads your blog. These factors might include for this blogging strategies:

  • Your blog’s tone (humor, how-to, entertainment, etc.)
  • Your blog’s format
  • Where you share your blog
  • The topics your blog covers

Determine What Your Audience Wants

Following the last point, it’s important to understand what your audience wants so that you can satisfy them with your blog. Knowing how to help your readers will allow you to strengthen the first impression you make when the right visitors find your blog. This all goes back to really knowing your audience. 

When blogging for business, the best way to figure out what your audience wants is by doing some keyword research. Determine which words and phrases people are specifically looking for. Then, incorporate those keywords into your blog content. The more useful your blog is, the more effective it will be promoting your business.

Be Genuinely Helpful

Regardless of sales and your bottom line, one of the most important things to remember is to always publish blog content that is truly helpful and appreciated by readers. Your blog should be more than a sales pitch. If your blog focuses too heavily on sales and marketing while offering readers nothing of value, you’ll lose out on potential customers.

Of course, there are ways to advertise products while being genuinely helpful to readers.  The key here is to balance your bottom line with effective blog content. Try educating your readers on topics related to your products. This gives you an excuse to mention the products and services that your company offers within the context of your blog article, all without making sales the main focus. 

Call to Action

If your bottom line is to promote your business and sell more products, it’s crucial to include a call to action in each blog post. A call to action allows you to guide readers along the path to becoming customers. Fashion each blog post so that at the end, you can lead visitors from your blog to your company’s sales/product listing page. 

Or, if your main purpose is to secure new clients, construct calls to action that lead visitors to your contact page, or to a form they can complete for a free consultation. 

Network, Network, Network

We cannot stress enough how important networking is—especially when it comes to maintaining an effective blog. Devise a strategy that connects you with other bloggers in your industry, and then try to develop a professional network with them. This will increase your blog’s chances of getting shared across different social media platforms, as well as landing more content links.

Establishing a network also opens the door for you to collaborate with fellow creators and guest post on their blogs, all of which contribute to promoting your own blog and business. To maximize your exposure and the impact your blog makes, you need to get out there on a regular basis and network within your industry. 

The easiest way to network nowadays is through social media, like Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook. Share other bloggers’ posts and tag them is one of the good blogging strategies. Comment on their Facebook and Instagram feeds, and engage in conversations on Twitter. The more bloggers you connect with, the further your blog can go to promote your business. 

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