7 Methods That Can Turn Twitter Into Your Top Lead Generator

Dec 27
Twitter Into Your Top Lead Generator

When it comes to social media platforms, Twitter finds itself in an odd position compared to all of the others. For a social media platform, it gives you the most restrictive set of rules for making content by putting such a small limit on the length of your posts. It is far more limited than other platforms in terms of how much you can say at one time. For businesses, not being able to say much seems like it would keep Twitter from being a viable option. However, it may actually be the best option for generating leads. In this article, we discuss how to turn Twitter into your top lead generator. 

Finding Something New

One thing that people like about Twitter is that it helps them find something new. The content on Twitter is easy to move through at a rapid pace because it is so short. Combined with the fact that making a Twitter post is so easy that any company might try it, the barrier to entry for businesses is very low. This means that more potential customers are introduced to new businesses on Twitter than on other platforms. You can use it as a means of getting noticed and increasing brand awareness. 

Fast Content Creation

Content creation often scares companies away from trying to improve their online presence. On Twitter, content creation could not be easier. The character limit essentially means that you have two to four sentences to tell people about what you do. Anyone can write four compelling sentences about their company if pressed. This makes Twitter one of the best ways to get into social media for business since creating content is faster and easier than other platforms. 

Posting Often

Another problem that companies face when trying to consistently build an online presence is how often they post new content. With blogs and other social media platforms, creating content takes a lot of time, careful planning, and effort. Twitter’s content is much easier to produce and many companies focus on living and posting at the moment rather than having a more complex posting strategy. This means that you can post often, which many companies do multiple times per day when they feel the need to. It is a strategy that has proven effective for a lot of companies. 

Twitter Searching

There is a secret way that your business can use to find new potential customers. It is the Twitter search feature. It really is not a secret, you can just use it in an unintended way. All you have to do is search for keywords related to your business, niche, or other brand-related focus. Twitter will give you a list of channels that are somehow connected to those keywords. Each one of those accounts is a potential lead, or has the attention of potential leads. You can also consider partnerships with other influencers to see if you can expand the size of your audience. 


Twitter is famous for its use of the hashtag, which is used to earmark posts into specific categories. Every time you add a hashtag to your posts, those posts will show up when people search for them. Use this to your advantage to get the attention of people who are interested in and actively searching for content related to your business. 

Hashtagging is very simple. All you have to do is add the hashtag/number sign symbol directly in front of a word, and Twitter recognizes it as a hashtag. There are no limits to the number of hashtags that you can have in one post. However, it is entirely possible to abuse the hashtag system and have it backfire on you. Only use as many hashtags as you need and focus them on important keywords. 

Take Advantage of Lists

Twitter gives you the ability to divide your audience into smaller segments using lists. For companies, this means that you can easily segment your audience based on what they are into. This can be a powerful tool for marketing and engagement purposes. For example, creating a list of users that have specific products means that you can decide who to market your newest products to. In other cases, you can serve different types of content to different lists. The more you are able to identify and target specific groups, the more effective your marketing can be. 

Get Help Developing Content

Generating leads online is an effective way to make your business more profitable, but many companies struggle with the content development aspect of it. There are ways that you can improve your content development, but you can also get help from an agency that provides content development services. 

At KitelyTech we help companies improve their online marketing and brand awareness by helping them create a stronger presence online. There are many ways to do this, including managing social media platforms and creating content for blogs. Call us at (800) 274 2908 to discuss how we can help you today.

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