7 Mobile App Development Tips For Startups (Android & iOS)

May 22
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For many startups, releasing a mobile app is a major milestone to be celebrated. A well-designed mobile app can help companies in different industries, verticals, and sectors to expand offerings or to better engage with customers. Before you endeavor on the process of hiring a mobile app development company to start the design process of your company’s app, consider these tips for startups that want to invest in mobile app development.

Understand Your Target Audience

Before you can create a successful mobile app, you must thoroughly understand your target audience. Without this understanding, your app won’t be able to reach and engage with the people you want to target. What motivates your target audience to download a mobile app? What problems do they need to solve? What features would they look for? By researching your target audience, you better set up your mobile app for success.

Prioritize Ease of Use

Mobile apps should be easy to use. In fact, toddlers can operate many smartphone apps even though they cannot read. Your company’s mobile app should be very intuitive and easy to use. Otherwise, users may grow frustrated and delete the app from their mobile devices or require extensive IT support from your company.

Limit Banners

One of the most important aspects of iOS and Android mobile app development is to limit the ads. Too many ads that pop up and interfere with how users use your app ruin user experience. A general rule is that if your mobile app generates money or benefit another way, such as through a monthly subscription, you may want to carefully evaluate whether you want to incorporate pop up banners and ads at all. 

Invest in Application and Search Engine Optimization

Much like websites benefit from SEO, mobile apps benefit from application search optimization and SEO. Creating a great mobile app isn’t enough. You still need to make sure that potential users are able to find it. There are strategies specifically for ASO that are worth the effort of implementing into your app.

Restrict How Many Problems Your App Solves

When it comes to mobile app development, identify what one problem you want your app to solve. Does it make it easier for users to send photos of their car accident to your insurance company? Then the same app shouldn’t be used to compare insurance rates, provide teen driving advice, and give access to customer service chat professionals. Generally, mobile apps should solve one primary problem.

Find the Right Mobile App Development Company

There are many mobile app development companies in the space. Ideally, you find the right mobile app development company for your needs. The most expensive prices do not guarantee excellence and very low prices do not necessarily translate to the best value. Furthermore, many mobile application development companies have experience creating certain kinds of apps.

Test Frequently

During the mobile app development process, it is imperative that your development team frequently tests the application to ensure that it works and to address any issues. However, this testing should continue for the entire lifecycle of your mobile app. As new mobile devices hit the market and operating systems change, features can break. It is important that your company supports any apps still available for download by continuing to test it regularly to ensure it works.

Mobile apps can be an excellent option for many startups.  If you would like to learn more about mobile app development, consider contacting KitelyTech today. KitelyTech has years of tech experience, and is well-versed in working with startups in many industries. Call KitelyTech on (800) 274 2908 to learn more.

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