AI Can Supercharge Your Mobile Platforms

Dec 14
AI Can Supercharge Your Mobile Platforms

Technological improvements come in many forms. As a business or brand, looking for a way to adopt the latest and greatest technologies is only a natural way to maintain your edge. However, it often leads to scrapping what you already have in favor of something new. You don’t have to drop your existing mobile platform to get the best new thing. In fact, the enhancements that AI can provide make it a better option to incorporate AI into your existing mobile platforms. In this article, we discuss how AI can supercharge your mobile platforms. 

Data Collection and Analysis

One area where AI systems excel is in data collection and analysis. Companies that can collect detailed information about customers can turn that information into user insights and build better user experiences. AI can gather data about customers without interrupting the user experience, and use that information to tailor the user experience (UX) to each customers’ preferences. 

This is especially powerful when predicting and upselling what the customer wants to buy. Being able to deliver the exact product that a customer is looking for, as well as several upsell opportunities, can significantly improve your sales. 

Many companies are already using systems like this thanks to new technology developments. However, you do not need a new platform to make this work. While many of the new platforms have AI systems integrated from the start, you can add an AI data analytics system to an existing platform using new frameworks. Many are designed to integrate within any system, so that it is easy to take advantage of the new technology no matter what system you are tied to. 

Error Checking and Management

AI systems excel at doing repetitive tasks faster and more accurately than people can. This means that if you have a lot of information being entered into your mobile platform, then you could likely benefit from having an AI system check that information for accuracy and other factors. 

There are some industries where the quality of the information makes a key difference in how well projects and business operations turn out. In some cases, the results could even be deadly if equations are significantly far off of what the calculations show. Because of this, many of these companies are introducing AI systems to double-check and verify the results of human data entries to ensure that they are accurate and appropriate. 


One way that an AI system can make your platform more efficient and effective at handling customers is by automating systems. Your platform has a lot of repetitive processes that can be handled by an AI program. For example, eCommerce platforms often have frequently asked questions sections. An AI system can collect data about the questions that your customers need answered and generate answers for the FAQ section. Integrating systems like this is an effective way to improve the overall customer experience while making it easier for you to keep everything up-to-date and relevant. 

Automation is proving to be a powerful tool for business owners that have a lot to do. By automating systems wherever possible, you can reduce the amount of work that you need to do on a daily basis. One area where companies have found that automation can be very helpful is in triage for customer service requests. By deploying bots that can help you triage your customer service requests, you can provide faster, more effective service to customers while focusing on the problems that bots cannot solve. 

Marketing and Communications Management

Bots have also proven effective at managing communications with customers. Marketing tasks can be repetitive and difficult to manage, but using AI-based automation can make the tasks easy. Bots can compile marketing communications, like texts or emails, and deploy them effectively. Furthermore, AI-bots can customize those communications based on information collected about the recipients. Not only can it handle the communications for you, but it can assist you in creating effective engagement opportunities with your customers. 

This technology is already widely available on platforms that integrate with your online platforms. Marketers and technology creators realized the value of such a system a long time ago, and pushed to create an effective AI system. Now, platforms like MailChimp are available to help you manage your email marketing lists and deliver personalized content to anyone that signed up. 

Work with An Agency to Get Started

Taking the first steps into the AI platform enhancement process can be daunting for anyone. That is why working with an agency is one of the best ways to get started. At KitelyTech, we work extensively with other companies to supercharge their existing platforms so that they can continue to grow their businesses. With a few changes, like integrating new platforms, we can fix many of the problems that aging platforms have and bring many of the new features that make an online business so much easier. Call us at (800) 274 2908 to discuss the possible changes to your online platforms.

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