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Feb 15
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In this technical age, most businesses understand the importance of business analysis in software development. Every team member plays an important role, but perhaps the most crucial role in a software development project is the business analyst. In the technology industry, it is believed that the expertise of a business analyst can determine the success or failure of a particular project. Having said that, business analysts are important for software development teams because they closely work with the rest of the team to evaluate the scope of the project. In addition, a business analyst works efficiently to establish the requirements and standards a project should meet; in other words: the benchmarks that must be met to consider the project successful. There is no denying the fact that business analysts add value to your software development team.

As a business owner, it is important that you enter into a project with a well-founded understanding of the value of business analysis. It is important to include business analysis experts at the beginning of the project to achieve maximum efficiency while working on the project, and the best-possible outcome upon the conclusion of the project. The responsibilities of a business analyst are to closely work with the stakeholders and software development team to analyze and document the business process. The primary goal is to improve efficiency and productivity levels in the software development team.

A business analyst is also accountable for determining functional capabilities, the feature set, and a detailed list of requirements for the software project.

The role of a business analyst (BA)

The need for a business analyst in software development team is more demanding than ever before. Initially, the role of a BA was to gather and optimize requirements for a project. This has changed where a business analyst is now expected to go beyond the traditional role. It is believed that a business analyst should own the process of software development. All in all, they can be considered the project managers and are responsible for a fully-operational end product.

Why is business analysis important?

Here are a few of many ways business analysis is significant in software development to achieve better overall results:

Requirement gathering: This is the primary reason a BA expert should be included in the project from the very beginning. The analyst works closely with the software development team and stakeholders to list the requirements of the project, keeping in mind the market’s needs.

Communication: Another key responsibility of a business analyst is to manage communication between stakeholders and software development team. Business analysts should be experienced enough to effectively communicate the requirements of stakeholders to the developers. There are instances when stakeholders cannot properly communicate with the software development team due to their technical expertise. Therefore, having a BA on the team will make them an interpreter to facilitate all business needs.

Testing: Once the project is approaching completion phase, a business analyst will perform testing to ensure that it meets all the requirements specified by project stakeholders.

Cost efficient: When the project requirements have been gathered and analyzed, one of the primary roles of a BA is to determine cost-efficient methods without compromising the quality of the end product.

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