Deadly Web Design Sins to Avoid

Jul 27
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If you’ve been following our blog for a long time, you have probably already encountered a few posts we have made about web design – like tips and tricks you can follow to make a great looking website.

In this post, we will be walking through some ecommerce website design mistakes you should avoid making. Fundamentally, web design can be tricky. Lots of people have competing opinions over what makes web design good or not. Often, people think your site needs to be very sleek and employ cutting edge, modern design to really get the attention of users. Conversely, there are people that believe that web design does not matter much. They think that, ultimately, you really only need a site that works and allows people to do what they are trying to do. Fortunately, both of these answers are right. However, before engaging in a website overhaul, you should ask yourself a few questions:

  • How do you know what is right for your website?
  • How can you be sure that your web designer knows what they’re talking about?

Today, we’ll try to help answer these questions by looking at the most frequent design sins you can make when developing your website. Thankfully, these are all fairly simple rules to follow. Use these tips to ensure that your designer is creating a site that is tailored to the wants and needs of your business. 

Avoid Fonts That Are Too Small

At the advent of the world wide web, plenty of websites had small fonts. In fact, the standard font size was around 12px (9 pt), and plenty of people followed that standard. However, as time has gone on, people have realized that 12px fonts can be difficult to read online. 

Additionally, you only have a finite number of seconds to get people interested in your website and let them know that they are at the correct web site. If we trust studies that say that the average attention span is 8 seconds, you need to make the most of that time. Here are some steps that can help with that:

  • Craft a stellar headline that gets the attention of the reader
  • Write interesting and informative content that engages the reader
  • Use big headline fonts that demand attention
  • Be sure that the body fonts you are using are large enough to read 

In recent years, people have started to view 16 px as the smallest font size. Although, many sites opt to use 18 px as their minimum, especially when these sites rely on lots and lots of reading. 

You want to be sure that painstakingly crafted website copy doesn’t get glossed over because the font you are using is too small and makes the copy too difficult to read. 

Also, it is worth remembering that not all fonts are exactly the same size. A 16 px Arial font can be found to be smaller than the 16 px version of a different font. This is worth keeping in mind when you are debating what font size to choose. Do not just pick a 19 px font because a different site also did. If you are looking for users to read something, use 16 px font at an absolute minimum.

Moving Sliders

Moving sliders are another mistake that seem to have infiltrated every corner of the web. But do moving sliders convert? Are they effective? Are they the best way to give information to customers? In most of the cases outlined above, they are not. 

Many people believe that sliders cause a type of banner blindness that is akin to ads in a sidebar. People are so used to seeing irrelevant ads in a sidebar, and they end up avoiding or ignoring them altogether. The same can probably be said for rotating sliders.

Yes, moving sliders can seem cool and high-tech, and they are easy for web developers to implement. However, they just aren’t very effective and have a low click-through rate. 

Avoid sliders, and – instead – ask yourself what is the best way to present information to the people that are visiting your site. Don’t just copy the design of a site you like just because the slider on their homepage looks cool. 


Yes, web design can be tricky – especially if you do not know exactly where to start. But, with these tips in mind, you should have a better sense of what to ask for when you are tasked with giving some input to your website’s design.

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