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Jul 13
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Many years ago, the mobile web was separated from the more central, “main” part of the Internet. A flip phone, for example, would enter a web address that began with WAP. This Wireless Application Protocol led to “web pages” that were actually just bits of text you could comb through and navigate to gain basic information – like weather forecasts and sports scores. 

Today, however, the mobile web is far cry from the early days of its infancy. Although, despite how far the mobile web has come, many companies still do not fully embrace and benefit from the mobile experience. Today, we’ll walk through some of the key ideas behind mobile app optimization for both android app optimization and iOS app optimization.

Mobile App vs. Mobile Web

These days, more people spend time online using their smartphones and tablets compared to a laptop or desktop computer. With this in mind, many brands think they have all their bases covered if they offer consumers a mobile-friendly website. However, this is only one part of the equation. 

If you look at industry giants like YouTube and Amazon, you will find that their mobile websites do not represent the best possible user experience. Because the user experience is less than ideal, it’s more than likely that these companies are missing out on crucial user interactions (like product purchases, for Amazon) because users on their smartphones can’t be bothered to put up with a less than ideal mobile web. 

In fact, you’ve probably noticed – knowingly or unknowingly – that, in several areas, mobile apps are preferred rather than the equivalent mobile web experience. However, if you are a business owner, you should offer both a mobile app and mobile web experience. Additionally, the mobile strategy for your brand should include both of these points of contact. 

You’ve probably spent way more time on Amazon’s app compared to going to your mobile web browser and plugging in “” on your smartphone. Regardless of this, however, you should shoot for a very responsive mobile-optimized website that loads quickly and offers “thumb-friendly” navigation.

In terms of a mobile app, once it is installed on a mobile device, it’s very likely that a user will decide to continually interact with that app instead of pulling out their mobile web browser and seeking out your site. Whether you’ve decided to focus on Android app optimization or iOS optimization, you should follow these tips to fully optimize your mobile app for the best possible business outcomes and user experience. 

Track App Ratings and Reviews

What is mobile app optimization? How can I convince users to download and install my app in the first place? Like other aspects of your business, the answers to these questions should be data-driven. Thankfully, app stores are a powerful resource you can use to gather information – like reviews, ratings, downloads, and revenue. 

If you monitor ratings and reviews, you can do a better job at addressing users concerns with your mobile app as quickly as possible. Customer service is very important in the world of app development, and early reviews can helpfully identify pain points inside of your app that you can hopefully address in a new release or update. 

Competitive Analysis

Many types of software can track information and metrics for your app. Some even allow you to follow and compare your app against the competition. If you take advantage of competitor insights, you will be able to tap into potential areas for growth that you may have previously overlooked. Doing this will also allow you to discover worldwide trends. If you, for example, track apps that are featured in the respective app stores, you can gauge new and developing trends. Some of these tracking services will also notify you 24 hours before your app is featured on the front page of an app store, which will allow you to fully capitalize on the opportunity. 

Ideally, mobile app optimization can streamline your workflow. A comprehensive solution has the benefits of saving you time that you would normally have to spend bouncing between different applications to maximize your app’s reach and impact.


While it can seem daunting at first, optimizing your mobile app can lead to growing your business and increasing the number of customers you are pulling in on a weekly basis. Consider contacting KitelyTech today to learn more about mobile app development and optimization.

KitelyTech takes immense pride in helping entrepreneurs use tech in new ways to grow their business. Contact KitelyTech today on (800) 274 2908 to learn more.

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