How Content Experience Defines Your Brand

Dec 17
Content Experience

Every time you read about ways to develop your business, there is the inevitable mention of your brand. Your brand is essential to the function of your business in so many ways, but few sources talk about how a brand is developed and defined. It is defined through your content experience, how customers interact with, and perceive your content. Understanding how to develop and use your content to create your company’s brand gives you the tools that you need to make your brand truly unique. In this article, we discuss how content experience defines your brand. 

The Basics of Content Experience

Your brand is defined by two things: your company’s mission and its customer/content experience. Depending on how your business functions, it may be referred to as either customer experience or content experience interchangeably. In this application, we are discussing content experience from the perspective of customers interacting with the content that your company puts out online through its website and social media platforms. 

When your audience interacts with content, they form an opinion of it. It is the same process that everyone uses when interacting with things. People generally judge the quality of it using several factors and forms an opinion about it. In this case, you want your customers to form a positive opinion about your company. The way your company creates and curates content tends to follow a theme or a pattern, which becomes your content experience. 

Like many other parts of your business, you can tailor the content experience to achieve different goals. Ultimately, you want to tailor the experience so that customers have specific experiences, form specific opinions, and have a personal idea of what your company stands for. This becomes your company’s brand. 

Using Content Experience to Generate Business

Content experience is effective at showing your customers what your company is all about. It is easy to confuse it with content marketing, but content marketing is designed to draw in your audience and convince them to buy. The content experience is more about showing your customer what your company is than showing your customer how the company is valuable to them. This applies to the entire audience, not just the audience members that may be willing to buy. This is how many lifestyle brands develop a following beyond just their customers. 

For your company, you can use the content experience to position yourself as an authority and a resource around a given topic. For example, running a company that sells pens of all types can be difficult with such thick competition in the market. Your company can generate content that provides value to the customer by educating them about pens. Even more, your company can just focus on pens of all types, how they are used, why they are special, and anything else about them. When customers experience that content, they will see your company as a resource for all things related to pens. There is no pressure to buy, just a lifestyle revolving around pens. Customers will be drawn in by the sheer depth of knowledge and enthusiasm. Many of them are likely to become customers somewhere along that process, especially when specific marketing tactics are applied. The goal is to create a brand that celebrates the focus on the business with a specific voice and make the company known for that voice rather than focusing on selling. 

Developing Content Experience

Every company takes a slightly different approach to how they develop their content experience and branding. However, there are several common factors in how they develop. These factors include:

Content Strategy

Your content strategy determines what content you develop, how you develop it, and what role it plays in your business processes. All of the content that you develop should fill a space in that strategy and advance your business toward an end goal. For example, many businesses that rely on other businesses as their customers have a part of their content strategy dedicated to business-to-business content development. “What is b2b experience?” is a question that is often on their minds so that they can create the right type of content that will attract other businesses. 

Content Management

Once the content is developed, it needs to be effectively managed. This will help you put it to use so that it can do what you need it to do. There should be a plan to develop content for specific streams like social media, and you should have an idea of what the voice of that content should sound like. By controlling the quality, use, and overall direction of the content, you can find ways of achieving your goals with less effort and fewer problems. 

Partner with KitelyTech to Build Content

Many companies struggle with developing content as well as the idea of content development. Fortunately, you can get help with content-related issues from KitelyTech. We have a team that focuses on everything content-related, from content generation to SEO. They can help you build a content experience with high-quality content about any subject so that you can position your company as an expert in your field. Call us at (800) 274 2908 to schedule a consultation with our team.

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