How Design Benefits from AI & Automation

Jan 10
Design Benefits from AI

It is easy to fall into believing a common myth that artificial intelligence and automation will completely replace the need of human workers, including website designers and graphic artists. Fortunately, this is not the case. Design can actually benefit from the use of AI and automation tools within existing workflows. In this brief editorial, we’ll explore some of the ways that design can benefit from both AI and automation. There is a good chance you already use online, cloud-based tools and software programs that have elements of AI and automation built within their programming.

Connecting Designers and Developers

AI and automation technology has the ability to connect web designers and developers together, by easily allowing designers access to tools that can help to easily convey markups or desired functionality to developers. It can help developers to make more aesthetically pleasing markups, too, as they can create better looking first drafts of webpages. 

If developers need to work on part of a project without a designer for a period of time, the AI tools can help to enable the process. However, it does not replace either role. It can help to connect the roles together to cultivate a more symbiotic working relationship. When all team members have access to the tools that they need, the easier it is to complete tasks on a timetable that does not hold other people up in terms of what they need to continue making progress on the project. 

Dealing with Repetitive Tasks

AI and automation can also handle many of the more repetitive and time consuming tasks on a website design project, enabling highly skilled staff members to focus on more difficult and focused task that requires more expertise. Having to manage many repetitive tasks is often not the preference of most designers. AI and automating tasks can help to reduce the number of boring, repetitive tasks that they must deal with. 

Certain menial tasks can easily be completed by AI technology so there is no reason to have someone spend the time to do them. This can make a job more exciting, perhaps encourage staff members to stay longer with the company. Many junior level staff members move onto other positions with more challenging work at other companies when they feel ready. Using AI and automation can help to make existing roles less repetitive and more challenging.

Reducing Costs

AI and automation can reduce the overall costs of a design project by reducing the need for as many staff members and the amount of time required to complete a project. With the help of AI taking care of some tasks while staff keep themselves busy with the more complicated tasks that only a human designer can do, work can get completed faster. This not only reduces the amount of time that it takes to completed a project, it means that you can complete more client projects within the same time span. This can enable your company to make more money.

For clients working with designers, this could mean more competitive price quotes, since it will take less manpower to complete a project. In this way, AI and automation are a win-win for clients and designers a like. For complex designs that AI or automation could help with, this could make a big difference in the final price of the project since it will not require someone to manually manage each of these fine details.

Faster Processes

As you can probably imagine, both AI and automation are able to help design teams complete work at the same time, often at a faster pace. This translate into faster processes and turnaround times than would otherwise be possible. Most clients want their project to be completed as soon as the designer can. By incorporating AI and automation, it could potentially be faster as a result.

There are some tasks that will always require human designers to manage. Using artificial intelligence and automation technology does not mean that teams can replace designers. However, these tools can help to make designers more efficient, faster, and reduce the cost associated with repetitive tasks. It could help to retain junior staff members by offering them more challenging work to do, while making it possible for designers and developers to stay better connected to one another.

At KitelyTech, we offer a range of services, including AI, automation, website design, and development. Call our team at (800) 274 2908 to see how we can be of service to your company during a free consultation. We can answer any questions that you might have about these technologies and the types of project that they work best for. You could even find ways to implement these tools into your own business operations.

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