How Having A Mobile App Can Improve Your Business

Jul 21
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The landscape of the web and how we navigate it is constantly changing. Years ago, having a website for your business was a great and unique way to set yourself apart from the competition. Now, however, it seems that every business has its own website. It’s really not a unique aspect or selling point of a business any more. According to an ever-growing list of reports, more and more people are using their mobile devices to browse the web instead of their computers. It has also been found that roughly 42% of these users download apps to aid them in the process of navigating the web via their mobile device. 

These days, most big businesses have dedicated apps. 90% of mobile users are found to prefer using apps to engage with media, instead of going to a website on their computer – this growing trend highlights the importance of mobile apps.

As more and more mobile users and businesses begin to offer their own apps, the reasons for you to not have your own app are diminishing. When we consider mobile app business opportunities, we need to recognize that mobile apps are the future.

We have already examined mobile application development tips, but, in this post, we will examine how and why a mobile app can improve your business. Mobile apps are the future, and, in this post, we will examine exactly why this is the case. 

Better Branding Opportunities

First, it is important to note that mobile apps can greatly increase brand awareness and customer loyalty. After all, when your company’s name and logo are on a user’s mobile device, it will be challenging for the consumer to ignore or neglect it. Also, a positive relationship with your app can lead to a more positive mental association with your brand in the consumer’s mind.

Additionally, mobile apps support a wide variety of different features, like push notifications. Push notifications can be harnessed to remind users about special offers that will be sure to entice them. Conversely, you can craft a series of personal notifications that speak to your customers shopping habits and purchase history.

Increased Customer Engagement

Apps represent a very easy way to engage with your customer. With an app, you can take suggestions from customers, follow their feedback, or just have full conversations with them. Customers can spend nearly 30 hours per month on their mobile apps. They will turn to their apps to help them decide content to watch, clothing to buy and wear, and even what to eat. The reliance people have on their apps presents a wonderful opportunity to engage with customers and get a desired outcome.

Because users are already on their mobile devices, engagement rates are usually higher on apps. All consumers have to do is open your app, and then the proprietor of the app is able to direct the consumer towards a desired result within a few seconds. Social media sharing presents another fantastic way for users to share content on your app on social media platforms, which will bring your app more eyeballs. 

Getting More Customers

When considering mobile app business opportunities, it is good to know that the right mobile app can lead to more business. However, if this is to happen, you need to market your app incredibly well. Based on some reports, only around 40% of apps are found via search engines or mobile app platforms, but half of all apps are reached through official platforms. This means that you should promote your app on your official website and on your social media pages. 

However, it is important to ask if an app really helps your business if you are forced to promote it. When faced with this question, it’s important to note that – if you do not have a mobile app – you are probably already losing clients. 20% of internet users will only use mobile devices to browse the web. You are missing out on a large chunk of this 20% if you do not have a mobile app, because these consumers will never give you the time of day unless you have a mobile application.


Ultimately, if you have a mobile app and your competition does not, you will be in a league of your own. When we think of mobile app business opportunities, we need to remember that a mobile app will allow your business to cater to more people, and allow you to do so in a more professional manner. 

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