How to Be Successful on Shopify

Nov 12
Successful on Shopify

If you plan to open a Shopify store, it is important to remember that not all eCommerce stores reach sales goals and develop into a profitable store. The overall number of new businesses that thrive is lower than you may think. Up to 20% of new businesses close permanently within the first two years.

Fortunately, there are many successful eCommerce stores and there is no reason why your business cannot be one of the success stories. Shopify, in particular, is an excellent platform to manage your online store with a large number of features that can make it easier to administer your storefront. Learn more about how to succeed with Shopify with these tips that you can implement starting today.

Learn the Shopify Basics

Many Shopify users only have a very limited understanding of how the platform works and the types of features it offers. If you want to succeed with Shopify, it makes a lot of sense to learn whatever you can about how to use it to best suit your store. An inexpensive and easy way to start is to take all of the free training and tutorials offered by Shopify. This can help you to establish a baseline of knowledge on how to use the platform to benefit your store. Once you master the Shopify basics, it could be time to take more advanced courses, consult an expert, or to outsource certain aspects of growing your Shopify store to a digital marketing team.

Find the Best Ways How to Market Your Shopify Store

Just because you build something, doesn’t mean that customers will know about it or suddenly flock to support it. You still need to market your Shopify site, no matter how great it is. If you think about the commercials, popup ads, and email marketing campaigns you’ve seen, there’s a good chance that many of those marketing efforts come from extremely large, Fortune 500 companies. Even these established companies you surely would know about without any advertising at all heavily invest in regular marketing. It is important for companies of all sizes.

Fortunately, there are many different ways to market your Shopify store. You should try different options and measure each one’s effectiveness to know where you would see better results from investing your marketing dollar. Every target market and industry can experience different results from certain types of marketing campaigns so it is generally a good best practice to measure wherever you put your time and money.

Update Inventory Frequently

If your eCommerce store always has the same merchandise, visitors won’t have a reason to continually check in with your store to see if there are any new items to buy. The more that they visit, the higher your website traffic will be and the more likely that they will buy something. You can choose to update your store as often as you like, but aim to do it at least once a month. Then, you can update your customers that you have new merchandise on social media, email marketing campaigns, and on your website’s homepage.

Be Clear About Policies and FAQs

One of the biggest reasons why eCommerce shoppers abandon their carts and leave your site without making a purchase is due to unclear policies and a lack of answers to their questions. They may want to know how much shipping will be or how long items take to ship before finishing a purchase. However, without being able to access this information easily, they might abandon their carts and find another seller with more transparent policies. 

You can add links to pages on your site’s footer to pages that clearly outline your shop’s policies and answer any frequently asked questions that customers tend to have in the buying cycle for your products or services. This can salvage some otherwise lost sales and empower customers to make informed decisions. Plus, if your company maintains customer service associates, this could reduce the amount of calls, emails, and chat messages that they have to manage, leaving only the more complicated tasks. 

You could also consider using an AI-powered chatbot to help provide clarification to policies and answers to FAQs that customers have. The more that you can make your online store personable and helpful, the better. Customers want to shop where they think is safe. There are so many scams and fraudulent sites out there that customers have become more finicky about where they want to spend their money.
To start making the most of your eCommerce store, use these Shopify tips to see how you can positively influence traffic and sales. If you are ready to get assistance with Shopify or with any other eCommerce site, KitelyTech can help. Call us at (800) 274 2908 to learn more about how we can help manage your eCommerce store.

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