How to Find the Best SaaS SEO Agency in 2022

Feb 22

Online marketing can make or break your business. So it’s important to find marketing experts that are reliable and competent, particularly ones who know how to get your website ranked high on Google’s search engine results page.

This is where a SaaS SEO agency can help.

Unsure of what exactly SaaS SEO consultants do, and how to find the best agency to help you grow your business? Don’t worry—this article will walk you through the most important aspects to consider when choosing the right SaaS SEO agency for you. 

  1. The Basics of SaaS SEO Services

Know your customers

This might sound like a no-brainer, but many businesses don’t know their ideal customer in a way that’ll promote their software effectively. When getting to know your customers, SEO goes beyond basic demographics like gender, age, etc., and takes a creative approach, considering their specific needs and problems. 

Once you’ve got an idea of who your ideal customers are, it’s time to define your content strategy and goals. Consider these 4 stages of the “buying journey” as you devise your method for attracting and retaining customers:

  • Awareness—In this first stage, the customer has only just made contact with your brand. Decide how best to capture and hold their attention with your content, while also building brand awareness and educating visitors about your software. 
  • Consideration—Now that you’ve got their attention, make sure your content topics are clear so that customers can compare and assess the features your software offers as they consider purchasing. Think FAQs. 
  • Conversion—In order to convert online visitors into paying customers, it’s important to highlight comprehensive product descriptions and clearly display the value proportions of your service. Show them how well your software pays off.
  • Retention—Profit is impossible without retention. So in this final stage of honing your content, make sure to show your customers how your services or packages stand out against other popular industry trends.

Keyword Research

Once you’ve figured out your ideal customer, your next step is to think of keywords. You’ll want the core of your SEO content based on keywords that are valuable and relevant, so some comprehensive keyword research is necessary. 

When conducting keyword research, make sure to use a variety of tools, as different databases include different keywords. Also, try to divide keywords into clusters, and don’t overlook low search volume keywords, as these can sometimes give your content a niche edge. 

  1. Questions You Should Ask a SaaS SEO Agency

As you consider different SEO agencies to hire, be sure to ask these questions:

  • How well has the agency performed in the past? Obviously, you want an agency that has a history of delivering solid and valuable results.
  • Do they have good reviews? Do some digging. Read previous case studies, online reviews, and client references. You can learn a lot about a company from past customers.
  • Does the agency have experience with your industry? The more experience an agency has in your industry, the easier it’ll be to work with them. 
  • Does the agency use white label SEO practices? White label SEO techniques specifically work with Google’s algorithm to improve a site’s search engine ranking. 
  1. Pricing

Below are some examples of pricing structures by which SaaS SEO agencies typically charge for their services:

  • Fixed Fee—Simply put, you pay the agency a set price you’ve both agreed to.
  • Pay for Performance—You pay the agency according to the outcomes they deliver. This pricing structure isn’t as appealing to SEO agencies, as good outcomes take time to generate. 
  • Hourly Price Consulting—You pay the SaaS SEO consulting agency a fixed amount, charged on an hourly basis.
  • Project-Based Price—You pay a flat fee based on the amount of time and work estimated for a specific project. This is the most commonly used model, as it’s simple, well-defined, and can be flexible from project to project. 
  • Profit Sharing—You pay the SEO agency a percentage of the generated sales they delivered. Basically, they make money as you make money. 
  • Monthly Retainer—You pay the SaaS SEO consulting agency a monthly fee for predefined SEO maintenance work. Any jobs done outside the monthly retainer contract would then be billed at an hourly rate.  

These are just a few of the most important things you should consider before choosing a SaaS SEO agency to run your digital marketing campaign. But as long as you have your goals and objectives clearly identified beforehand, your search should be simple. 

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