How To Start Building Apps With GPT-J

Apr 12
Apps With GPT-J

AI is a powerful tool for a variety of reasons and uses. Because of this, developers are looking for ways to build new things with it. Fortunately, there is an open-source AI system that anyone can use to build new digital resources. Here is a deeper look at how to start building apps with GPT-J.

What is GPT-J?

GPT-J is an AI framework similar to GPT-3, the system that Chat-GPT is built on. GPT-J is built by a different company but is similar in many ways to GPT-3. One notable advantage that it has is that GPT-J can beat GPT-3 in specific tasks, including ones related to coding. In short, it is an AI model that can do many things but excels at coding. 

What Can Your App Do?

Building an app around an AI framework largely depends on what you want that app to do and what the AI framework can do. For example, GPT-3 was used to build ChatGPT, which is designed to answer questions in the way that chatbots do. 

With a wide range of capabilities, GPT-J can do nearly anything that you want it to do. It can answer questions if your interface turns it into a chatbot. You could also make it help with coding by creating an app interface that lets you enter parameters related to the code that you want back.

At this stage, your goal is to figure out what you want your app to do. That way, you know what direction to start building in. 

Plan Your Customer Experience

The next step is to plan the user experience. Focus on what you want customers to do with your app. 

Do you want them to ask questions?

Do you want them to give it parameters to design things?

How about giving it abstract problems to solve?

This is where you determine exactly how customers will use the app to solve their problems. Much of how you build the interface and make the app available to customers depends on this. 

Plan What Users CANNOT Do With Your App

A lot of focus is placed on what you can do with AI, but you should spend time planning for things that you don’t want users to do with your app. For example, you don’t want users to try to use your app for illegal purposes, like generating code using GPT-J to create viruses or malware. This could be a problem for your business if your app develops a reputation for being a tool used by criminals. 

Decide what things you don’t want users to be able to do, and build the app accordingly. For example, you can have the app monitor for and stop any request going to GPT-J that has specific words in it. That way, users asking for “malware” or “spyware”, for example, will have their requests blocked and receive a templated message saying that what they asked for is not allowed. 

Create the Interface

Once you have a plan for the capabilities of your app and how customers can use it, you can start to create the interface. When working with programs like GPT-J, a smooth customer-focused interface is needed. Most people do not have the understanding of how something like GPT-J works, so you need to bridge the gap between them.

One thing to consider when building the interface is customization. When first starting to use an app like this, simpler is better. You want to keep it very simple so that people can learn how to use the app and understand its capabilities. GPT-J is a powerful tool, and you want users to work on it gradually. 

However, there will be users who pick it up quickly and want to expand what they can do with the app. If this is part of your plan, then make the interface customizable. Make it possible to add extra features and change what kind of information users put into the system. That way, they can more easily customize and expand the value that they get out of it. 

Put GPT-J to Use With Help From KitelyTech

GPT-J is one of many new resources that are available that can change how your business operates. Start building new products and tools with GPT-J and other new resources with help from KitelyTech. We specialize in helping companies develop their digital assets using the latest techniques and resources. Call us at (800) 274-2908 to discuss your next project.

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