How to Stop Shopping Cart Abandonment

Oct 17
Shopping Cart Abandonment

In e-commerce, shopping cart abandonment is one of the leading reasons why online stores struggle to make a profit. Online, it is just as easy to walk away from a sale as it is to start a new shopping cart at any store. Unless you are taking steps as a business to stop this, you’ll continue to see many abandoned shopping carts for sales that you could have made, but did not. In this article, we discuss some effective ways to stop shopping cart abandonment. 

Reduce Friction

Every e-commerce platform has issues with abandoned carts, including Shopify. Shopify abandoned cart problems drive business owners crazy after they put a lot of work into making their store the best it can be. The most likely reason for an abandoned cart is the difficulty in completing a sale. This is called friction and you want to reduce friction as much as possible wherever possible. 

Reducing friction means removing problems that make it harder to complete a sale. For example, a payment system that is too complicated or convoluted for people to use may drive away customers before they complete a sale. The goal is to have the entire process flow smoothly from one step to the next. That way, there are fewer instances where your customer thinks about abandoning a sale. 

Helpful Reminders

When customers shop, images play a large part in their decision. Being able to see what they are going to buy can make a big difference in which items they choose. Once the cart has been filled, customers usually have to go through a process where they provide a lot of information and fill out forms. The problem with this is that it represents a break in the connection with what they are buying. Customers are thinking about the process more than the items in their carts, which can make those items feel less important. If you want customers to continue to want those items, let them see them the whole time. 

You can lower cart abandonment by adding helpful reminders of what customers are trying to buy, throughout the process. This could be an encouraging message or thumbnail of the items in the cart. Whichever method you choose, try to make sure that it will be present for much of the process. This should help keep customers excited about their choices, effectively reducing shopping cart abandonment. 


Regardless of how amazing and inspiring your products are, customers still need motivation from you to complete the sales process. This starts even before they get into an e-commerce shopping cart. Your Calls to Action (CTAs) are an effective example of this. If your CTAs are weak and ineffective, then customers will not be motivated to take action. 

You should find ways of motivating your customers that are unique to your experience. Every company goes about this differently, and you should use it as an opportunity to reach your customers in a new way. It may become a unique part of your customer experience, which can set you apart from other companies. 

Perhaps the most used way of motivating customers is to offer sales. Sales, discounts, coupons, and other money-based incentives always work well with product sellers. You could also pick a non-monetary method of motivation, which has been done in the past. Non-monetary methods are more difficult to use, but can be just as effective as monetary options. 

Build Trust in Systems

When people shop online, they rely on electronic systems for security. They know nothing about these systems, which requires a lot of trust on their part to use them. Although you put in the effort to make your payment systems as secure as possible, customers generally don’t know that unless you can show them some level of security that they can understand. This is where security badges come in. 

Many online security systems offer proof of security in the same way that alarm companies use signs on houses to signify that they are protected. You can take advantage of this too by displaying your sites’ security tags. Having them easily visible on your site is a good way to show that you put in the effort to make your shopping cart and payment systems secure. It is the trust in your company and these security systems that make it possible for many shoppers to trust your store. 

Get Help From KitelyTech

Improving your sales by reducing your shopping cart abandonment number can be an effective way of fixing a problem. Doing so may require the help of a skilled partner that can help you develop the right systems for your needs. 

At KitelyTech, we can help you increase your sales rate by reducing your shopping car abandonment rating. Our staff focuses on engaging customers in meaningful ways while offering more value in every. Give us a call at (800) 274 2908 to discuss your cart abandonment issues.

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