Social Media Trends for 2021

Oct 13
Social Media Trends

In the last stretch of 2020, many companies are planning for the future and analyzing the current trends to see what will be important next year. 2020 is full of trends that are changing how we do things in business and how consumers live their lives. Any business that wants to stay relevant should look for the trends that will be the most important next year. Here are the social media trends for 2021 that you should invest in. 

Multimedia Content

Nearly every social media platform is making changes to support multimedia content. Video content is becoming widely popular among social platforms and for good reason. Video content delivers more information and in a more engaging way than any of the other options. For businesses, this means reaching a higher level of customer engagement and brand attention through high-quality videos. 

Social media platforms are beginning to take notice and adjusting to make the use of video content easier. Many have added editing systems to their platforms. Combined with smartphones, everyone can generate and edit new video content to keep platforms churning. 

More than that, video content on social media is getting widespread attention and community recognition. TikTok and YouTube are platforms dedicated to distributing video content, and companies use them to reach a wide segment of followers. Companies also reuse as much of their video content as possible by reposting it to other platforms. Reposting TikTok videos is one of the biggest Instagram trends right now.

To take advantage of this trend, invest in video marketing, branding, and advertising for your business. The majority of consumers have access to smart devices and participate in social media. You can reach a larger audience and supercharge your brand recognition by developing quality videos for multiple platforms. Treat your social media accounts like you would any other marketing system for your company. By consistently investing in it, you can develop a way of creating videos that work best for you and your viewers. 

Stories Define Channels

One of the most influential social media trends that will likely continue is stories. Every social media channel tells a story, but it can be hard to see what that story is since most channels tell it in a collection of sporadic posts. Social media platforms, like Instagram, have added story features that make it easier to bring different posts together to make one, long, cohesive post. You can use this to your advantage to define your channel by telling stories rather than simply making individual posts that are hard to connect to a single brand.

Marketers have been looking for ways to change the narrative for business advertising for years. They know that storytelling is one of the most effective ways to create connections with customers. Unfortunately, it is difficult to do that since most forms of advertising have distinct and separate parts. With effective planning and the right amount of investment, but you can use the story features of social media channels to build your brand through stories.

One of the recent stories are so effective is that they are associated with your brand. Using stories to tell people about your company makes it easy to create stronger connections with your audience. You can use this to drive engagement and possibly sales if you can continue to cultivate successful stories through your social media accounts.

Micro-Influencer Channels

On social media, everyone gets caught up in the race to have the most subscribers and followers. However, there is a group of influencers that have left this race altogether. Instead, the focus on influencing a smaller group of people by providing a higher level of engagement in value. These are called micro-influencers, and they are becoming more popular as an alternative to getting as many followers as possible.

For your business, this means that you do not have to be the largest and most popular social media channel to see the benefits of social media. Instead, focus on providing as much value as possible related to a very small niche in your community. This will give you the ability to create a sustainable and more engaged community of followers that can be more beneficial to your company over the long term.

Social Media Partnerships

As the new trends in social media begin to develop for 2021, it is important to remember that you do not have to work on your social media accounts alone. Many companies are choosing a partner with social media experts that can help them build and grow their channels in a way that feels right and shows results.

At KitelyTech, we have the experience and the resources to help you establish a strong social media presence and turn it into a lead-generating asset. Call our office at (800) 274 2908 to schedule an appointment with our social media development team.

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