Software Development Agency vs. Freelance Developer

Nov 24
Software Development Agency vs. Freelance Developer

Freelance developers have played an important part in making software development services available to a wider selection of businesses. Because they are independent, they could offer services that many smaller and medium-sized businesses wanted. Meanwhile, larger software development agencies focused on the larger, more lucrative projects and continued to serve as a strong rival for freelance software developers. While both are still very much involved in the software development industry, the needs of companies have changed. Here is a look at when you should hire a freelance software developer or a software development agency.

Large Projects

If your company needs to have a large project completed in a reasonable timeframe, then it is in your best interest to hire a software development agency. Agencies have access to a larger pool of staff members and resources, which means that they can effectively handle larger projects. It is not uncommon for projects to run into problems that can be resource-intensive to fix. As a freelance developer, adjusting to these issues can be difficult. Agencies are more resilient and have greater access to what they need to improve their operations. 

Large business projects can be daunting for small developers. This is because there is just too much to do on such a large scale. It can be difficult for any one individual to manage the development of a website that has thousands of pages. Software development agencies have the ability to bring multiple developers together to work on projects seamlessly, effectively scaling their development team to match your projects’ needs. Freelance software developers are not as capable when it comes to scaling their operations. This can severely limit how much they do on any given project. 

Expertise in Multiple Areas

No one person is an expert in all areas of software development. There is too much to know for any one person to be able to do it all at a high-level and produce high-quality results. Although a freelance software developer for hire can do this reasonably well, you will not be getting the best in every area of your project. The solution is to hire a software development agency that can bring together experts in the different areas of software development.

This is usually what software development companies do; they hire experts in different aspects of software development to work together to complete projects. This can give you the best results for every project since you have people in dedicated to specific subjects leading the development process.

Effective Project Management

Another advantage that software development agencies have over freelance developers is that they provide more effective project management. Software development can be complex and have a lot of components that need to be developed. Agencies have dedicated project managers who specialize in keeping these projects running smoothly. 

When there is a problem, they can put specialized staff members on it to get it resolved quickly. If the project begins to lag behind schedule, the project manager can find more staff members to help catch up. No matter what happens with the project, they can find an effective solution to make sure that your project is delivered on time and meets your expectations.

Adoption of Technology and Trends

Software development agencies are also faster to adopt new technologies and trends. Individual developers have to take time away from work to learn about these new options. As a result, they are less likely to invest in new developments in the industry as quickly as a development agency. Agencies can bring new staff members on who already know about these technologies and invest in the training resources to get their staff members up to speed on the newest trends and technologies, as needed.

For you, this means that you get the best technologies in your projects. Over time, you could experience issues with technologies aging and needing to be replaced. If you finish your project with technology that has already been around for a long time, you are starting closer to the time that you may need to have your software replaced. You can avoid problems by developing new software in the right technologies that will stay relevant for a long time. 

Partnerships Produce Better Results

Software development projects always work better if you partner with specialists that can help you create high-quality deliverables. There are many agencies available today, but not every agency is created the same. Who you choose greatly impacts the outcome of your project. Get the best software available by partnering with KitelyTech.
At KitelyTech, we have the experience and the resources to help you build custom software for a variety of uses. Every one of our projects is focused on creating the best software for our clients. Call our office at (800) 274 2908 to discuss your case with our team.

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