Steps To Help You Create Engaging Mobile App Content

Apr 15
mobile app content

Over 4 million apps are available on the Google Play and Apple Stores, meaning that trying to grab user attention via content has become even more of a challenge, and the ability to do so even more of a skill. The pressure to produce content that not only brings in more subscriptions but actually brings about genuine engagement is high. The unfortunate reality is that many apps have failed due to their inability to create engaging mobile app content. However, not all hope is lost! We’ve put together some tips to help create engaging mobile app content.

1. Make sure your target audience is spot-on

Many mobile app developers make the mistake of executing a strategy without the proper analytics. For instance, only around 52% of users actually enable the push notification feature of their mobile app, which actually makes it quite difficult for mobile apps to create a big impact with their content.
Those mobile apps that fail at specifying their targeting end up annoying customers, who will ultimately remove the app, or avoid using it. On the flip side, those who have perfected their targeting, are able to convert over 50% of their users.

In today’s ultra-connected world, one of the most successful ways to engage is instant gratification. When you send mass or generic in-app messages, it’s only going to drive your users away from your app. You need to enhance the user experience by creating personalized content to allow your users to engage with your messages.

2. Collect in-app feedback

Customer feedback is a great source for creating engaging mobile app content, as it can help a your team understand more about its mobile app. It allows you to see what’s working, and what isn’t. In-app feedback provides developers and marketers the ability to ask customers for their opinions. For example, you could simply include surveys and rating prompts which allow you to easily connect with your customers to understand what needs to be improved to enhance user experience and help you stay ahead of the competition. Your in-app feedback can also help detect any crashes or freezes that may be occurring. It is important that you consistently test your app for these glitches; you don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression.

3. Use Visual Storytelling

In an effort to attract eyeballs, a visual story can help you gain higher user engagement as opposed to lengthy text. Creating long-form content to highlight the benefits of your app might kill the user’s interest, whereas visual content could make your app instantly riveting when users are skimming through it.

Over 60% of app content can be retained by its users even 3 days after they have seen it. It’s this statistic that allows you create a powerful UI experience. Uniquely attractive icons allow you tell a visual story that is engaging and helps a given app stand out from the crowd and stay memorable. However, remember not to overdo it. Find the right balance where your visual content promotes an enjoyable user experience without overwhelming the senses.

These are just a selection of ways in which you can take steps to enhance your mobile app content and create engaging material that will ensure your mobile app grows, rather than fails. If you’re interested in mobile app development, get in touch with KitelyTech to see how we can help.

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