The In’s and Out’s of White Label Software Development Services

Apr 29
white label software development

If you’re building your own software, you’ll often spend a large amount of your budget and a large number of hours in your day getting things built. But, with white label software development, this doesn’t always need to be the case.

What is White Label Software Development?

In white label software development, a company develops an application and sells it to a different company. If the company that has bought the application decides to resell it, they will present the software as their own to tentative buyers. The re-seller can opt to sell the application as part of a subscription. Since the original application was developed initially under a fixed cost, opting to sell it under a subscription offers a return on investment to the reseller of the software.

White label software development also refers to when a company creates a product or software service and it is later bought, re-branded, and re-sold by a different company at a better price for a better profit.

White Label Development Services

White label software development services offer a white label route to getting the right kind of talent to work with you. As a white label service, any project created under these terms will be credited solely to you and your company.

Often, companies will have developers sign NDAs (non-disclosure agreements), to ensure that the company retains the rights to the developed product, source code, and IP (intellectual property) rights.

B2B white label is a different example of white label software development services where the buyer of the product or service re-brands what they’ve purchased before re-selling it to their clients.

B2C white label is similar, but involves the re-seller selling the re-branded product or service to an individual end user – as opposed to a company.

White label SaaS (system as a service) exists for software or services that are re-branded by the buyer and hosted on the internet under a subscription license. A subscription that is renewed annually or monthly offers a greater return on investment to the re-seller compared to selling the software/solution in its entirety for only one flat payment.

Characteristics of a Successful White Label Development Service

Customizing your software is essential. Every part of the service you’re offering – from the user interface to the branding – should be tailored to the experience you would like to provide. This means you need to plan everything from the start, and that means having a very clear brief for your development team to follow.

Similarly, the features you plan on adding or subtracting from your service should take into account the timeline and budget for the product. It is essential that your team comes to a consensus on what features are crucial and which ones can be abandoned.

Development costs are also very important. It’s essential to have a clear idea of what it will cost to get your software solution developed. If your software is projected to cost more than intended, for example, it helps to know exactly what benefits this will provide by spending more – or if there are any benefits to spending more at all. Talking with your developers is a great way of estimating the cost of a project, especially if you’re juggling multiple projects or a long-term project.

Big Companies and White Label Development

A larger brand will often opt for a white label software development service because they’re looking to preserve the status and perception of their brand. White label development allows companies to fulfill the needs of their business partners through outsourcing, but without disclosing that they are outsourcing the work to someone else. White label development helps brands seem capable of delivering any software solution their business partners are looking for.

Additionally, distribution can be increased through white label app and software development, re-seller are able to mix and match services from different vendors, and re-selling allows you to set the price at a more profitable level. Also, the knowledge needed to develop software can eat up plenty of time, money, and other resources. By using a white label process, you’re working with developers that already have the skills needed to develop your idea, allowing you to focus on other areas of re-selling the service, like marketing.

White label software development is a great way to quickly develop a business. KitelyTech has many years of experience when it comes to developing and working within white label software development. Contact KitelyTech today on (800) 274 2908 to learn more about this quick, efficient method for building your business and future relationships with clients.

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