Top Mobile App Distribution Platforms

Sep 21

Mobile apps are a cornerstone to most businesses, especially since mobile e-commerce is the leading way that people shop online. Once an app has been developed and prepared for launch, it must be uploaded to a mobile app distribution platform. That way, it can be distributed to mobile devices on-demand. Here are the top mobile app distribution platforms that can help your app reach your audience.

Amazon App Store

The Amazon App Store is the mobile app distribution platform dedicated to Amazon products. Amazon has several products, like the Kindle Fire and Fire Stick, that use the platform. The number of devices that you can target is limited to Amazon’s offerings, of which there are not many. However, Amazon does sell a very large number of these products, giving you access to more customers. 

Competition on the Amazon App store can be tough depending on what your app is designed to do. For example, Kindle is the default reading app since it is owned by Amazon. Major streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, and Amazon Prime Video are all on the platform. If you are planning on entering a niche that competes with these, your app must focus on a very specific use case to be successful. 

There is room on the app store for apps that do not compete with major competitors as well. Many users like having niche apps for their Kindles. Amazon also has a line of fitness trackers and smart watches that have access to the store. 

Google Play

Google Play is the app store developed by Google for the Android operating system. If your app is designed for Android, you want to get it into Google Play. It will have the best access to Android devices around the world.

Google Play has a large number of apps on it because of its popularity, making competition fierce. However, you can penetrate niche markets with a well-made app. Google Play continuously assesses apps and uses social proof to rate them. If you can provide a better customer experience, then your app will rise to the top of its category. Android OS is among the most used operating systems, and there is an ecosystem of smartphones, tablets, and other devices that you can access. 

iOS App Store

The iOS App Store is the official app store for Apple iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad. iOS is used by many business professionals, so if your app is designed with them in mind, then you want to get into the iOS App Store. The key to being successful is a strong, intuitive customer experience. Apple users expect apps to be easy to use and powerful at solving niche problems. As long as you can guarantee high quality and support, your app can compete well in the iOS store.

Samsung Galaxy Apps

Samsung has its own alternative app store called the Galaxy Apps. It is an app store for Samsung devices. If you are developing an app for Samsung devices, then you should consider putting it into the Galaxy Apps. Samsung makes the majority of cell phones around the world. If you want to reach the largest number of phones, then make sure your app is accepted by Galaxy Apps.

Work with Professionals to Be Successful

The best way to make sure that your app is successful is to work with professional developers who can help you get into the different app stores. Each app store has its own requirements. With some help, you can make multiple versions of your app to publish on each of the stores. At KitelyTech, we help developers and businesses get their apps published. Call us at (800) 274 2908 for help getting on an app store. 

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