Using AngularJS In Your Custom Web Application Development

Jun 24

If you have been following KitelyTech’s blog posts, you are probably aware that we have been covering different aspects of custom web application development over the course of the blog. We’ve covered things like trend forecasting and plenty of other facets of the tech world. However, an important aspect of custom web application development that we have not mentioned until this moment is the importance of using an AngularJS application. 

What Is AngularJS?

The AngularJS application is a JavaScript framework created to meet the needs of the new generation of web applications. Based around the powerful and flexible development language called JavaScript, the AngularJS application makes custom web application development easier and more efficient for businesses.

JavaScript’s framework – especially when we discuss enterprise web applications – has always piqued the interest of developers. Compared to other JavaScript based frameworks, AngularJS has grown very quickly in a very short amount of time. In fact, it is one of the most popular frameworks for enterprise web applications.

When we talk about enterprise web applications, we need to address the fact that they need to reach the market fast to allow for better profits for the firm that is launching it. That being said, these web applications can benefit from comprehensive frameworks that allow for rapid and efficient application development, leading to them being rolled out into the marketing process within the smallest time frame possible. The speed that AngularJS offers is more competitive than other frameworks like Ember and Knockout. 

Benefits of AngularJS

All-In-One Package – As a comprehensive JavaScript framework, AngularJS has everything a developer needs in the web application development process. For example, AngularJS has its own routing module, which is an important module for single page application development. AngularJS also has an ngTouch module, which is valuable for event handling for touch enabled apps. Additionally, AngularJS also has an ngAnimate module for CSS3 transitions and CSS3 key frame animation hooks within existing core and custom directives. With everything included in AngularJS, plenty of development time and energy can be saved, which allows the developers to focus on more critical development and testing tasks.

Easy to Start – AngularJS is a finely documented framework with plenty of online resources. These resources can give any front-end developer with basic exposure to the framework the right information they need to get started. Additionally, it is easy to use AngularJS with already existing frameworks, plugins and extensions for web application development. Also, expert web app development companies will often have AngularJS developers you can hire to work specifically within the framework. By being easy to use and learn, AngularJS saves developers time, and potentially allows businesses to get applications on the market within the smallest possible timeline.

Completely Testable – Developers all face the same problems and challenges: bugs, constant requirement changes, and a lack of proper requirements documentation. Also, the immense pressure to finish and deliver products and applications is forever growing. Because of this, the demand for unit testing practices is always increasing with it. However, AngularJS is unique because it supports unit testing and end-to-end testing. Also, it can use dependency injection to manage and create dependencies – this makes development of applications that are loosely coupled very, very easy.


To wrap things up, if you are looking to try and develop your enterprise web applications – and get them on the market as quickly and rapidly as possible – AngularJS application development is most likely your best option. Because AngularJS is well-documented, properly maintained and widely used by different firms, it can grant you a wide variety of benefits if you choose to use it to develop your enterprise web applications.

If you have more questions about AngularJS, custom web application development, or a different, tech-related inquiry, contact KitelyTech today to learn more. KitelyTech has years of experience working with entrepreneurs, and bringing them new ideas that take full advantage of various technological sectors. Call KitelyTech on (800) 274 2908 to learn more.

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