Ways to Boost Your App Downloads

Nov 27
Boost Your App Downloads

Apps have been shown to be highly effective in improving brand engagement with customers. An app takes the important systems and information that a user needs and packages it into a system that works better on your device. Companies around the world are taking advantage of this to build apps and expand their reach with customers. 

While companies are creating apps at a record pace, many are struggling to get their apps the widespread attention that they set out to get. It is easy for an app to stagnate in a large pile of other apps. In this article, we discuss several ways that your company can boost your app downloads

Advertise with Social Proof

Social proof is one of the most effective ways to improve sales. When people shop, they perceive every company that they have not bought from before as a risk. There is always a question of whether or not that company is legitimate and will follow through with what it says it can do. Social proof helps customers overcome this fear. It lets them see that other people have already taken the risk and what the outcome was. This is what makes social proof so powerful. 

If you want to boost app downloads, collect and market with social proof. The more social proof that you can collect that appears authentic and positive, the more likely you are to experience an uptick in app downloads. 

Promote Through the Right Sources

One of the reasons why you may not be getting the app downloads that you expected is that you are not promoting your app across the right sources. Now that you have the social proof that you need, try advertising the app on the app stores with testimonials and reviews. These go a long way toward helping you get downloads, especially since the app store is the most direct access point for people to download your app.

Don’t rely solely on the app stores to promote your app. You can promote your app in a variety of ways including through social media. Social media is a great way to advertise your app since you can create a full marketing campaign using the right platform. Instagram and Pinterest are two great examples of how you can provide detailed explanations of your app with pictures to back up your claims. Many companies mix in posts with social proof so that people can see that your app is already being used successfully. 

Full-Screen Campaigns

Many forms of advertisement only take up a portion of the screen, which means that your audience may not be paying attention to the advertisement. Instead of placing many smaller advertisements, try placing a larger full-screen advertisement to get your audience’s attention. 

Full-screen advertisements can be very effective at getting people’s attention, especially since they take up the entire screen. It is important to make it easy to opt-out of such an advertisement and to use it sparingly. These types of ads can become annoying if they happen too often and hurt the user experience. A well-planned full-screen campaign can advertise to customers without driving users off of your site. 

Create Urgency

Urgency, the feeling that something will happen imminently, can drive sales. In this case, you want your customers to engage with or buy products as soon as possible, which you can influence by creating urgency. There are several ways that you can do this.

Countdown Timer

A countdown timer creates a sense of urgency by indicating to the customer that the product will only be available for a set amount of time. This effect works whether it is true or not. You can use a countdown timer to promote that sense of urgency, but it will lose its effect after a few sessions where the customer discovers that the item is still available after the clock runs out. 

Limited Availability

Making products rarer by limiting how long they are available or how much of them are available creates urgency. If a product is of sufficient value, customers won’t want to miss the opportunity to acquire it. Make our product valuable, then limit how many are made. If it is a physical product, this tends to work well and keeps your costs under control. If it is a digital product, try limiting how long it is available. This will give customers the idea that they need to make a decision now to avoid missing an opportunity. 

Partner with App and Content Developers

One of the best ways to find methods of improving your app downloads is partnering with an app and content developer to help you develop your strategy. At KitelyTech, we have teams that can help you build and implement a strategy to build and advertise your app in ways that see better returns for your company. Call us at (800) 274 2908 to discuss how we can help you.

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