Web Design Customers Can Trust

Oct 31
Web Design Customers Can Trust

In business, as in life, people are loyal to the brands that earn their trust and respect. Based on today’s technological landscape, the first steps towards this relationship are on a company’s website.

Below are six ways to leverage web design to garner trust, loyalty, and respect among customers.

1. Have a polished web design

Whether you use a templated site or hire a developer, it is imperative your website be professional. This doesn’t necessarily require a sleek design with animations. However, there are certain minimum requirements that must be met if you expect potential customers to put their trust in your brand. Consider the features you look for in e-commerce sites. Images should be crystal-clear. Navigation should be intuitive. There should be calls to action. The layout shouldn’t be cluttered. There should be a theme to provide continuity throughout the site.

The writing (“copy”) on the website should be clear and concise, and written by a native-English speaker. Spelling and grammar mistakes are as unforgivable on a company website as they are on a resume. You should have an SSL certificate, which allows your URL to begin “HTTPS” (denoting a secure connection) instead of “HTTP”. Anything less than the aforementioned web design attributes do not inspire confidence. Your potential customers are likely to give competitors with a more polished online presence their business.

2. Offer secure payment

If you represent a nationally-recognized company, accepting only credit cards as payment is fine. However, sole proprietors and other small e-commerce shops should consider accepting multiple forms of payment. Many people have rightly taught to be wary of phishing scams, and so are concerned about giving their credit card information to a brand they don’t recognize, especially online. Don’t let this deter you. Solutions like PayPal integration offer customers the ability to opt for a third-party payment platform they are comfortable with.

3. Ensure mobile optimization

Just as important as a strongly designed desktop website is having a mobile-friendly version of said site. Over 80% of consumers regularly access the internet with their smartphones. Even a previous client who had a positive experience with your brand on the web can easily be turned off by a slow, unresponsive, glitchy, or cluttered mobile counterpart. Ensure your web designers understand it is paramount for your business’s website to look great whether sized for a phone, tablet, or computer.

4. Offer testimonials

No successful business is possible without satisfied clients/customers. Harness their happiness upon receiving your product by offering incentives for a review. There’s no way to ethically guarantee a positive review, but it’s possible to do the same thing many apps do before requesting a review in the Apple and Google Play stores. Ask customers to rate your product or service. If they give it 4 or 5 stars, follow up and ask them to leave you a review, to the tune of a promo code for their next order.

5. Be honest

It is extremely important to put your best foot forward in branding, marketing and advertising. This is especially true on the internet, where customers are not able to see, hold, or try out a physical product before purchasing. There is an element of risk involved. It is up to your brand to mitigate this risk through your brand’s website design, product photos, testimonials, philosophies, and policies. Use your “about me” section to humanize your brand and show off your team. Tell people your company’s story.

Consider offering a generous return and satisfaction-guarantee refund policy so ordering becomes risk-free. It’s imperative that companies take care not to misrepresent their brand in an attempt to impress future customers. For example, only use actual photos of your products. Do not falsify reviews. Do not make false claims about return or refund policies. Don’t promise anything unless you are willing to follow through. While the promise of great customer service will entice customers, only stellar follow through on such promises will build trust. Unfulfilled promises will erode whatever goodwill your brand had with the customer until that point.

6. There’s no shame in a humblebrag

Your own company’s website is not the time to be modest. Sell yourself! If you can’t sell your own product compellingly, how can you expect anyone else to do it for you? Proudly showcase your awards, certificates, and even links to good press on the landing page of your site. Not only will this build trust with users, but it elevates your company’s elite status and encourages people to become elite, themselves, via association with your rockstar brand.

In conclusion, every element of web design offers the opportunity to build rapport with customers. Use these chances wisely, and watch your list of loyal clientele grow.

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