What is Mobile Services Manager App?

Sep 27

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Many Android phone users noticed an app called the Mobile Services Manager App on their phones. There is not much information in the system regarding what this app is and what it does. This makes smartphone users nervous, but this app is not something that you should worry about. Here is a deeper look at what the Mobile Services Manager App is, what it does, and why it is on your phone.

What is Mobile Services Manager?

The Mobile Services App is an application that is used to update default and other pre-installed apps on your phone. It is installed by the phone’s manufacturer so that it is working when you set up your phone. In a nutshell, it is supposed to keep all of the apps that are pre-installed on your phone updated. 

This is an important operation because your phone needs certain default apps to always function. For example, your phone has a default calling app and a default messaging app pre-installed. Mobile Services Manager (MSM) makes sure that they are always on the phone and stay up to date so that they are compatible with software changes. Without this service, those apps could be deleted and specific features on your phone may not work anymore. 

The Problem with Mobile Services Manager

Despite its potential good uses, MSM can also be used nefariously. It can download apps without permission and work in the background so the user cannot see what is happening. Users reported that MSM uses a lot of mobile data, which can increase your bill. It also takes up a lot of storage space, which users do not like. 

The biggest problem with MSM is that it can be exploited to download spyware and malware onto your phone. Attempts have been made to exploit MSM for these purposes. Fortunately, phone companies check systems regularly to try to stop this from happening. 

Can I Remove Mobile Services Manager

At the time of writing this, it is possible to remove MSM from a phone. However, this may not provide the desired results. Depending on which company sets up your phone, it may not function properly if MSM is removed. Before attempting to remove MSM, it is a better idea to disable it. That way, you can restore its functionality if you begin to experience problems after shutting it off. 

Disabling MSM

It is possible to disable MSM in the app settings menu. You may see it listed as DT IGNITE as well. Go into your app settings and disable it. This should stop it from downloading more apps or using data unexpectedly. Monitor your phone’s functionality to make sure that it is operating properly. If not, try turning MSM back on to see if it fixes the problems. 

Why is the Mobile Services Manager Installed on My Phone?

Mobile Services Manager is the manufacturer’s way of pushing apps and updates to your phone when needed. If you have ever gotten a message from the manufacturer or the phone company that is not a text message, it is likely that it was sent using MSM. 

While MSM does have some drawbacks, it does serve a potentially good purpose. Having apps and software update automatically while you are busy makes your phone easier to manage. People want their technology to be easy to use. This, unfortunately, means giving up a little bit of freedom and security so that the phone company can try to make that happen. Still, if you don’t like the idea of MSM running in the background, try turning it off. 

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