Why Do You Need Real Estate Development Software

Nov 9

Real estate development software is the key to successful real estate development. Every industry has its own version of project management software, and the real estate industry is no exception. In the past, developers were able to complete projects without software, but that is no longer the case. Here is a look at why you need real estate development software. 

Software Improves Project Management

A no-frills approach to managing a real estate development project is very inefficient. In fact, some people would argue that it is impossible to complete a project with minimal effort. Software helps manage the projects from the very first move until the last nail is driven. It keeps track of everything from permit application to construction progress. There are several reasons why software is important in the real estate industry:

Easier Communication

Communication is crucial in today’s world, and developers need to communicate with everyone involved in the process. From the property owner to the architect and even the contractor, everyone has something to say about the project. It is impossible to remember every detail, and that is why you need software. It makes it easy for everyone involved to see all of the details of a project, and it can be used as a way for everyone involved to easily communicate with each other. The software serves as a sort of middleman between everyone involved.

Less Stress

When the project is completed, the developer is happy. However, everyone involved still has to receive their paychecks, so there needs to be a way that one person can keep track of each contractor’s progress. Real estate development software helps to simplify the process by keeping track of everything from building permits to subcontractors. The software will indicate when projects are completed and updated as more information comes in. This type of software helps everyone involved to focus on what they do best: building and managing a successful real estate development company.

Better Documentation

When a developer completes a project, he or she has to write up a report of the process. This report is very important, and it will show the progress of the project from start to finish. The documentation will also indicate what kind of documentation is required for future projects. A developer needs to refer to these documents throughout the whole process, even after it is completed. The software allows you to keep track of documentation and maintain them throughout the entire process.

Safety Procedures

No matter what industry you are in, you will be exposed to safety issues. The real estate industry has its own set of safety issues, and it is important to keep track of each one. The software allows developers to document each safety issue and how they will be resolved going forward. The software keeps track of everything from OSHA violations to a list of the people on the project. All of this information is very important, and it can help developers avoid liability issues in the future.


Software is all about keeping track of what you are doing, so it is important to keep track of who is doing the work. The software keeps track of everyone’s progress on the project and creates a clear path for each contractor. If they are not working according to their timeline, they can be corrected immediately. There will be no confusion or questions when you finally receive your final project.

Partner with Software Experts

Understanding the software options available in the real estate industry can mean the difference between success and failure. Partner with software experts to better understand the technology that you need. Call KitelyTech at (800) 274 2908 to discuss your software needs. 

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